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  1. Longi

    Longi Member


    I have a rooted wildfire s on 2.3.5 and I recently started experiencing 2 problems.

    First, the screen never turns off. I set it to timeout after 2 mins. The screen does dim after two minutes but never turns off and lock the phone. This can cause the battery to drain a lot faster.

    I also have a small problem with phonecalls, whenever I make or recieve a call the phone automatically turns on the speaker which could be annoyin if there is a huge amount of background noise on the other end.

    Any help would be appreciated to fix these problems.

  2. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

    Hey, what changes have you made since rooting? Because only rooting should not change anything. Just unlock your phone from the back end.
  3. Longi

    Longi Member

    The problems seem to have solved themselfs after a few days/weeks. I only installed some apps that require root access (Link2SD, SuperSU, Titanium Backup, ES File Explorer, Screenshot UX). No file modification.

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