Screen timeout reverting...

  1. tekknouserid

    tekknouserid Member

    Can anybody help? I have a UK 3 Hero and am running Screebl. I set the screen timeout for a minute but it keeps reverting back to 15 secs.
    I am changing the time in the phone's settings and Screebl's, but it keeps changing back.

  2. leskent

    leskent Member

    I had this same problem on a Hero from 3 network every time I turned the handset off it reset the timeout to 15 seconds.
    Along with a few other issues I had my network replace it, after the Rubbish support from HTC (wanted to charge me for repair even though handset was only 3 weeks old)
    and this new handset does not have the timeout issue that I previously had so maybe you also have a faulty one.

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