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  1. droidro

    droidro New Member

    Haven't seen anyone else mention this issue: When I put a call on speaker, the screen times out after maybe 15 sec, despite the fact that Display is set to 10 min (the highest available) and power saving mode is NOT enabled.

    Here's the serious problem: the Samsung Galaxy has NO hard buttons except the volume control and the power button. Once the screen goes black, the volume control rocker does NOTHING. The only way to make the screen come back on is to press the power button. THIS INSTANTLY DISCONNECTS THE CALL! This behavior makes the speaker option completely useless.

    What if I'm on hold for an interminably long period of time and then the recording tells me to press "1." Impossible - I can't get the screen back on. What if, while I'm talking to someone and want to look up any info on my phone. Can't. Today, I tried it again (to be sure) and heard a beep for one of my calendar reminders. Even that didn't bring up the screen. So I said "bye," and pressed the power button.

    I've read a lot of other posts for different phones that have other hard buttons ("I press the camera button to get the screen back on" is one option I read). The iphone has an extra button on the front for getting the screen back on. Some phones have other types of hard buttons or trackballs or pull-out keyboards. If the Samsung has no such options, then there needs to be something written into the code to handle this!

    This is NOT a proximity sensor issue. Mine works fine all the time. The screen always comes on as it should when I pull it away from my ear. It's a different issue as soon as I push the speaker button on when on a call.

    I tried an app called screen on. It works if I'm doing other things but not calls. I enabled it before making a call, put it on speaker and the screen went black in about 10 seconds.

    I often have to give someone I'm talking to on the phone, another person's phone number. I have to put them on speaker phone, look up a number in contacts and read it out to them. It's impossible and it's affecting our business.

    Anyone else having this problem? I sure need a solution to this!

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  2. scotsmiss

    scotsmiss Member

    Hi did you get any responses to your query as I am having the same problem. According to the handbook, there is meant to be a "proximity sensor" button that you can set, but I cannot find it on my Galaxy Ace and like you the fact that the display vanishes is driving me nuts!
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  3. SteveDenver

    SteveDenver New Member

    To STOP the power button from cutting off calls so you can use it to wake up your screen:
    1. Under SETTINGS, scroll down to ACCESSIBILITY and select.
    2. There is a pop-up screen that says "No accessibility applications found", hit CANCEL.
    3. The single selection under ACCESSIBILITY is "The power key ends calls", UNCHECK it and you're good to go!
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  4. philessense

    philessense Member

    Any other ideas? My phone goes black even with the power button ends calls OFF.

    If I'm on a call, as the OP, the screen goes black within moments of chatting. If the caller goes silent, I haven't a clue if he's disconnected, muted or whatever and I can't get the screen back. This is one of many weirdnesses of this phone IMO.
  5. dwh_72

    dwh_72 Well-Known Member

    you have 2 issues here. stevedenver solved 1st one.
    2nd is try install app called keepscreen. this app will override the screen shutoff setting and keep screen on while selected apps are running.
    open app > applications > select dialer (highlight green) > back > start service > back out
  6. Petsitter68392

    Petsitter68392 New Member

    I was having a issue with my Galaxy S 4g screen going black and I could not get it to come back on. I noticed a few times if I pull of my gel/silicon protector off the screen came back on. Wanting to keep my phone protected, I cut a bigger whole around the proximity sensor (Top left corner of phone, next to ear piece). I had two calls since cutting a bigger "whole" around the sensor and I was able to get the screen to come back on to end the call. :D
  7. chrcol

    chrcol Well-Known Member

    its worth pointing out keep screen doesnt fix this issue, I think people advising it are just assuming it will without knowing from experience.

    this is a very poor design flaw that the screen turns off during speakerphone mode and completely ignoring the screen timeout setting.
  8. ROMVS

    ROMVS Member

    This happens to me too, what I use is app flip silent and switch the speaker phone on and off by shaking it (it's a setting for an on going call) and app keepscreen. Another is you can increase the volume, it usually brings the screen back on. You could also see if flip silent can keep the screen on when you shake it, I use that option when I'm reading a book but not while in a call. Good luck.
  9. chenga61

    chenga61 New Member

    Yes, I totally agree. One more design flaw, it's the physical location of the power button. If you are trying to hold the phone in portrait position; especially trying to catch a call when the phone rings, then it's very easy to hit the power button. The power button should be located in a lower, or better yet, on the top of the unit instead..... I don't know why Samsung did not pay a closer attention to this detail.....
  10. chrcol

    chrcol Well-Known Member

    many design flaws with the phone I do agree.

    for me its good that the numeric keypad is gone, although this makes it harder to do emergency calls, which should be an oversight corrected on future models.
    However I would have kept 4 smaller physical buttons around the main button (instead of those 2 sensors), those buttons would be used eg. to toggle speakerphone during calls like on nokias.
    Power button at top of phone not side.
    Led's at each side of phone for notifications.
    Physical button for camera.

    Certianly room for all these things.
  11. jstrawdad

    jstrawdad New Member

    Click on app,
    Click on "Start / Stop Service" and make sure "Service started"
    Click on "Applications" -- Now click on every one of the applications so it turns green.
    Make speaker phone call to see that it works.
    I went back after I made a phone call in which it worked correctly, that is it stayed lit through the entire call, and all the apps were green with a yellow "Locked" under each app
    Hoooooo Raaaaah!!!!!!!!

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