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Screen turns off during all calls, won't come back on, cannot answerSupport

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  1. NeoDraven

    NeoDraven Well-Known Member

    Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue. Whenever I receive or make a phone call using my phone's native dialer, it ALWAYS goes black within seconds, and nothing I do ever consistently gets it to turn back on, if anything does.

    I've tried pressing every button, tried pressing the power button, tried pressing on the screen, tried rotating and moving the phone to see if that would work. Nothing works consistently. It just randomly decides to sometimes turn the screen back on, so I can at least try to answer the call in the 1.5 seconds it gives me before it goes dark again.

    I keep missing phone calls because of this, and I can never actually hang up, unless I luck out, and manage to hit the hang-up link on the touch screen.

    Does anyone know any solution to this, or is this happening with anyone else?

    I am running the stock ROM with anthony's Kernel 1.0, with CWM installed.

  2. gr1mlock

    gr1mlock Member

    if you haven't already, try:

    1. open the dialer
    2. dial *983*0#
    3. scroll down the list and run the "sensor" config
    4. watch the "proximity" value at the bottom as you move your finger over the sensor (on the face to the left of the ear speaker)
    5. hit the "calib" button
    6. after "calibration is ok" msg check the sensor reading again to see if it is more responsive than before
    7. try some normal calls to test it out

    The config list has 20 tests:
    • Battery
    • LCD
    • Back Light
    • Vibrator
    • Ringer
    • LED
    • Key
    • LCD off
    • SD
    • BT address
    • Radio info
    • Memory
    • TouchPaint Test
    • AudioLoop
    • Camera
    • GPS Test
    • IMEI
    • IMSI
    • Sensor
    • Wifi MAC address
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  3. NeoDraven

    NeoDraven Well-Known Member

    Dude, you're a beast. I knew there were a ton of developer codes left in this device, but had no clue how to access this.

  4. gr1mlock

    gr1mlock Member

    No problem! I'm glad it worked :cool:
  5. Motorhead1991

    Motorhead1991 Well-Known Member

    I think I should include a list of the dev codes in my next ROM :D... Anyone want to compile a list?

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