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    Nov 29, 2012
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    Good morning fellow Android users....I am a newbie to this world and just got my Samsung Galaxy S3 1747 phone this week. After reading about all the features and suggestions decided I would create a screen password to access my phone. Yup, I did the unforgiveable...first, didn't record my pw b/c its one that is dear to me and secondly, didn't write it down...ta da.....So I called AT&T got on live chat and explained to the person what I had done and now folks you better sit down for this cause I know you will be cracking up - after a half hour with this "knowledgeable" rep she finally got it that I was not having problems with an email pw instead I was having problems accessing my smartphone! Then I went to my online Samsung account hoping that their live chat could help and he referred me back to AT&T.....I'm feeling like a sick wilder beast going around in circles. In short, now I'm not able to access my phone - what would you suggest? I'm a newbie with this toy.


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