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Screen unresponsive - slow - sooo annoying!Support

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  1. DanoBoyo

    DanoBoyo New Member

    Hi all,

    First post so go easy on me.

    I've had a HTC Sensation for a while, since first released. After around 2 weeks of getting it I was experiencing an issue with the screen not being very responsive. Difficult to unlock, text, answer calls! It's sooo annoying. Luckily I had my phone swap not problem by Vodafone. Now it's been around 4 weeks now since getting my replacement and just yesterday I've started with the same f-ing problem!

    I've tried the usual stuff, clean screen, clear cache, kill programs, remove battery.

    Anyone else having problems like this?


  2. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    I've seen others reporting it at XDA developers, perhaps head there and see if anyone has found a solution.
  3. shankapotamus

    shankapotamus New Member

    Do you by any chance have a case on the phone? I had a similar problem, unresponsiveness, 5 swipes to unlock the phone, inability to answer calls...

    But turns out that my case seemed to be putting some amount of pressure on one area of the screen which was interfering with the responsiveness. It's worth a shot to check out.
  4. spenspuma

    spenspuma Well-Known Member

    My Sensation is the same....I think ALL Sensations do it to a certain extent. It's not great at all - the screen on my Desire was a lot more responsive. I'm just hoping an update will sort it.

    It's very very disappointing to be honest and if the issue isn't sorted by August I shall probably chop it in for the EVO 3D or may even try the GS2.

    While the Sensation is a great phone, it really lets itself down by niggly little issues which should never ever be there.

    The Sensation is my 3rd HTC Android phone and i must say, out of the 3, the Sensation has felt like the biggest disappointment....imho, its no better than the Desire other than the screen size....but the Amoled screen I had on my Desire was actually superior in quality to this Sensation.

    I think HTCs problem is that they try to bring out too many new phones too quickly and I think in doing so the quality control just isnt there, it feels like they don't dedicate enough time with each model to make sure it functions perfectly because they are already thinking about the next project.

    I mean, no sooner had they anounced the Incredible S as the latest greatest flagship, a few weeks later the Sensation is announced as the HTC flagship all bells and whistles model... And THEN another few weeks go by and the EVO 3D is announced.....I think HTC are putting a lot of customers off by making their flagship models get superceided so quickly. I buy on sim free so i upgrade when I like, but id imagine those fixed in 24 month contracts must be tearing their hair out as within 2 or 3 weeks of the contract their phones are outdated.
  5. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Yes, that lack of resonse of the screen comes and goes and comes and ...

    My hope is on the next (???) HTC update.

    And this post I wrote with my veteran Desire HD ;)

  6. delrodney

    delrodney New Member

    hi all,
    had to register just so i could have my input into this topic! ;)

    had a desire for 18 months and loved it.

    upgraded last week to sensation, with great expectations.
    did the usual playing around for 24 hours and thought i'd got a screen problem. when texting, characters weren't responding, swiping several times to unlock screen, buttons on web-pages not working, etc.

    no case being used.

    i went to vodafone shop to let them see.
    store manager compared to his own sensation and said mine was, "slow". reported to vodafone, as i ordered mine on website as early upgrade.

    handset swapped for new one.
    kidding myself if i said this was 100% good, but it is a little better. :rolleyes:
  7. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

    Add me to the list of Sensation users experiencing the unresponsive screen!

    I've been bombarding @HTC with Tweets about it, and found a lot of forum threads similar to this one, over the last few days. HTC seem happy to accept videos, links, etc with evidence of the problem but so far there's been no oficial response that I'm aware of.

    I'm HOPING that it's a software glitch that can be solved with a system update......
  8. Rickardo

    Rickardo Active Member

    Was seriously thinking of getting one of these when I upgrade but seeing threads about the screen not responding and the death grip thing its not looking so tempting now

    Plus the Sensation they had in my local Carphone Warehouse had the same screen issues
  9. flamingrage

    flamingrage Member

    I haven't suffered any difficulties with the screen but once the screen was missed up (lots of orange lines in the middle and shaking I think it was due to the note apps from HTC hub) restarting the mobile and removing the app fixed it haven't suffered from this problem again
    Just want to say that the mobile is a true beauty as long as u ignore the WiFi problem
  10. Farqui

    Farqui Member

    Been using the Sensation since release and have no screen issues; UK Vodafone - no case.

    I feel for those that have the problem but be careful jumping to conclusions and blaming HTC alone - don't forget that carriers introduce their own updates.

    Slightly off topic: I've been running GoLauncherEX for over a week now and it's so much faster than HTC's Sense 3.0. It also offers more efficient screen use (more widgets) and has a whole bunch of customisation options. Sense for me could be a thing of the past...
  11. kylepotters

    kylepotters New Member

    I had this same problem i found the answer, well for me anyways.
    I think the problem starts from when it is charged while using the phone on low battery, it seems to corrupt it and gradually gets worse.
    The answer for me was to completely deplete battery ( i did this by going into photos and did a slide show untill phone switched off, i did this 2 or 3 times to make sure it wouldn't switch on) then remove battery for 5-10mins, while battery was out try and switch on, not sure what this would do apart from make sure there is zero charge within components. Then insert battery and charge fully before switching on.
    Once charged fully, switch on and bingo, all was well again for me.
    Hope this might help someone
  12. tomcolgan7

    tomcolgan7 Member

    I have the answer it happened to me on the Desire HD. You need to activate debugging mode in development under applications. Activate USB Debugging and i promise the lag will go instant
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  13. Cleggy

    Cleggy Well-Known Member

    Have 2 agree, this certainly does seem 2 solve any screen lag and unresponsive moments!
  14. bobmatt

    bobmatt Member

    Have done this and will report back how it goes.
  15. delrodney

    delrodney New Member

    the info posted by tomcolgan7 appears to work for mine too.
    i switched the debugging on last night and my handset is considerably more responsive.
  16. snowman181

    snowman181 New Member

    i had a similer problem with my htc when i used game cih on a game hte screen becam verry slow and unresponsive untill i removed the app completly from my fone so it might be an app that is causing the problem it happen once befor when it was in warenty to and i sent it back now i think about it i used it then aswell so try removeing the last app u installed before things went wrong
  17. brokenphone01

    brokenphone01 New Member

    i got a new screen put in recently but my screen has turned unresponsive as it does not respond to my touch at all. ive sent it back to the person who fixed it and he has fixed it but it has went unresponsive once again . this has happened 3 times what do i do ?
  18. Churros

    Churros Member

    I also have this issue sometimes very annoying especially when you have to remove battery then restart!!

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