Screen went black. menu and back button light up nothing else works??Support

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  1. CorneliusIV

    CorneliusIV New Member

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S GT i9000M and I was loading an email and the screen went black. There is nothing happening at all on the screen. The menu and back lights are on, but the phone will not load. I have taken that battery out, turned off the phone and neither worked. When it loads again the screen does not react and the menu and back button light up.

    Does anyone know what might be causing this? I had the applications running widget turned on and there was nothing happening in the background. I believe this means that I did not have anything turned on that would have caused the ram memory to hit the ceiling.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. baser5nature

    baser5nature New Member

    I noticed you posted this just last night... my phone locked up sometime between 9:00pm and 10:00pm Friday Nov 4th... After Powering off, and on I have the same issue, black screen after the boot video, then if i hit a button, the lights come on... and thats it!
  3. kparacy

    kparacy New Member

    Both my husband and I got the same phone over a week ago. We both 'lose' our phone one or more times per day. I look over, and the phone is black and wont come back. Wont come on when I try to turn it on either... When I plug it in to charge usually it will start charging but today nothing. I took out the battery and replaced it and THERE it is... it powers on no problem and indicates it has over half battery.... What is UP with this phone?
    My husband is having the same issues... is there some problem with it?
  4. cristi

    cristi Member

    wrong thread?
  5. kparacy

    kparacy New Member

    sorry I am new at this
  6. kparacy

    kparacy New Member

    can anyone tell me how to post my own thread?
  7. Yneth

    Yneth Member

    Its the same problem with me too, I bought mine (galaxy5) a month ago and it constantly gave me one single problem, when the phone is in sleep or locked, the screen wont turn on or it will have a blank screen with back light, and only way to get the phone up again is to remove the battery and put it back, till yesterday i thought its an issue with this particular piece and demanded for a replacement and in came the replacement yesterday. Today i have the same problem, I'm beginning to think i might have made a mistake in picking samsung :(
  8. Member

  9. shaunak

    shaunak New Member

    This is happening a lot with me as well.

    Will upgrading to 2.2 void the warranty?
  10. Member

    No it will not void the warranty. Its just an upgrade. Like a comp from vista to 7. Doesnt void warranty
  11. Scroboid

    Scroboid New Member

    I have the i5500 Galaxy on PC Mobile in Canada.

    My wife has the same phone. My phone works fine after returning it. My wife's is non stop problems. Samsung has told me this is not a known issue. They insisted that it was an app that was causing problems. Did a factory reset and left the phone stock. It still locks up. This phone is crap. Samsung has lost me as a customer for good. They pass the buck on in every way by blaming PC Mobile, Android OS and app creators. It's simply not their issue and refuse to go further.

    PC Mobile claims they've found no issues with the phone and return to me every time they take it in to repair it.

    I'm going to Telus and buying an iPhone. I hate to make a deal with the devil but at least it is dependable.

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