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  1. chrisjm00

    chrisjm00 Well-Known Member

    So here is the story basically. This is technically my third droid. The first one had something wrong with the screen where it wouldn't do anything I wanted. For instance...if I tried to press any of the keys on the right side of the screen, they wouldn't respond. the phone replaced in-store. Second phone comes, the slide is VERY loose. The screen actually had about a millimeter and a half on the left side of the screen that it would give when pressed. It made a very loud tap sound when pushed. OK, called Verizon tech support, they send me a DROID 2. I'm thinking SWEET. Not really... Not even 4 days into owning the thing, the screen randomly shuts off and won't come back on without a battery pull, sometimes 2 battery pulls. Over the past few days this has happened multiple times, each more frustrating than the last. I'm getting irritated with mototola. I just called Verizon and they are sending out yet another device. I'm getting annoyed with this whole thing. I shouldn't have to call tech support every other week it seems. Does anyone have a fix for this problem? I've done a factory reset, among other things. I have my old 16gb card from my D1 in there...could that do it? If anyone has had this problem and found a fix for it let me know. I also have the Verizon extended battery..could that be doing it? Please...any help would be appreciated. I'm rooted if that helps at all.

  2. Shid

    Shid Active Member

    I'm gonna say there is a corrupted file on the SD card. Take that bitch out!
  3. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a combination of physical problems w/the phone and SW glitches.

    It won't hurt to backup what's on your SD card, format the card (do it in the phone) and then copy things back to the card. Others have reported that resolving some issues...
  4. chrisjm00

    chrisjm00 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately no luck. I swapped SD cards out to no avail. It is still doing it. Any other ideas?
  5. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    Voodoo curse would be my first guess...pretty common w/Android. :)

    Next would be a factory reset - Settings>Privacy>reset option...back up what you want from SMS/MMS, etc., before you do so.

    If things are still screwy, call VZW and get another D2.

    Good luck.
  6. chrisjm00

    chrisjm00 Well-Known Member

    End result, VZW sent me a new one, HOWEVER it won't be here til Wednesday. I decided what the heck, i'll go to the VZW store and see what they could do, since i'm active military and sort of need a phone at all times. The manager understood and replaced the phone on the spot after seeing the phone doing all sorts of weird stuff. Now when my replacement D2 comes in the mail on Wednesday, do I just tell them to return it to sender? This D2 actually has a dead pixel in the upper left hand corner. Should I just send this D2 back and keep the one they send me, or what should I do. Do they go by ESN at the warehouse, or will they look at my account and see that this is my current phone. I don't want them to charge me full retail for the phone, so should I just call them back about the dead pixel, or just swap D2's when it gets here?

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