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    Nov 13, 2010
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    Hey guys,

    Just since the recent 2.2 f/ware flash I've had a really annoying thing rear its ugly head. On an outgoing call only, the screen turns itself off within a sec of me hitting the Call button (without even putting it to my ear). Then, the phone is completely non-responsive (short of pulling the battery out!) until the other party ends the call - I can't get the screen back on no matter which key I hit in any way. I have toi wait for the other side to hang up now. Just great for calling msg bank, or if you start calling a wrong number & want to hang up! Not to even mention you wanting to end a call on someone first. I won't go into a rant about how much this has p1$$3d me off in the past week! :(((

    This phone was the most amazing gadget I've ever owned, almost perfect, with little or no complaints from me (won't mention the htc sync abortion with my Outlook :). And now this. I've tried the shake awake app & whatnot, to no avail. Why oh why do they put out rom updates without properly testing them & fubar everything up, including their customers good will ffs? *sigh*

    I'm also too afraid to factory reset the device thinking I'll need to install dozens of apps & settings, etc all over again. Can the backup/restore on the Desire be trusted when the sync is so dodgy...?


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