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  1. SmpsonH

    SmpsonH Member

    So this is kind of a weird thing that just started happening lately. My friend and I have both had the Triumph since it came out. No problems whatsoever until about 2 weeks ago my friend's phone started having this problem and now about 3 days ago, my phone is having the same problem. The problem is the phone will be on and working fine. Then if I let it sit for a while with the screen off, the screen will not turn on again. Even calling the phone does not make the screen turn back on. The only solution is to pull the battery. It only seems to happen maybe once or twice a day, which isn't very often, but it's very annoying. I also thought it was odd that the same exact problem happened to my friend's phone and mine within a couple weeks of each other which makes me think it could be some sort of software issue. Is anybody else having this same problem. If so anyone have any solutions? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Marialle

    Marialle Well-Known Member

    I had that problem with one of my triumphs too. I "fixed" it temporarily by plugging it in, which made the screen turn back on. Might be a slightly better fix than pulling a battery. Also, perhaps a text message? Other than calling VM for a replacement, I didn't find any permanent solutions. A factory reset could be worth looking into though, perhaps? If you don't mind losing apps and such.
  3. SmpsonH

    SmpsonH Member

    I have not tried factory reset on mine yet, but my friend did on his and it did not help. Forgot to mention that. Also plugging mine in did not help either.
  4. marc12868

    marc12868 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Are you on the stock rom? I know some custom roms have had problems with that. If your on the stock rom I would personally get a replacement. It could be a software issue, but it could also be a hardware issue. Better now than later when it could get worse.
  5. SmpsonH

    SmpsonH Member

    I am on the stock rom. Oddly enough the problem hasn't happened again since I posted about it. It is still happening to my friend's. He returned his to Virgin Mobile and got a new one. I will probably just monitor mine for now and return mine also if it starts doing it again. Was mostly just wondering if this was a larger problem than just the two of us and if something easy could be done to fix it. Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. wace818

    wace818 Member

    They are calling this problem "the sleep of death."....VM sent me a replacement phone that had the same problem. The phone would go to sleep and the only way to wake it up was to pull the battery and restart the phone...Needless to say i sent the phone back and i'm waiting for another replacement, which no doubt will also have some sort of problem.
  7. zero937

    zero937 New Member

    "Try going into the advance wi-fi settings and set wi-fi to never turn off. It has helped me eliminate the "sleep of death" issues."

    Go to menu> settings> wifi settings and press menu icon and advanced wifi settings and change the sleep policy to never turn off.

    Thank you

    if you guys haven't found a fix for it
  8. EdAndInn

    EdAndInn Well-Known Member


    I too faced same issue today morning. I am on Stock ROM.

    I was using browser and it became unresponsive. When I pressed power button, the screen went dark first. Then when I pressed power button again it lighted the 4 capacitive keys at the bottom of the screen but screen remained dark. I too pulled the battery, and restarted the phone. Then the issue was gone.

    But I also noticed that the Android Assistant App was active and it was probably hogging some resources. I uninstalled the App and now things seem better. Anyone facing dark screen issue may want to review their installed Apps from Play Store and remove some of the Apps and see whether they face the dark screen issue again. Also, rebooting phone once in a while shall help to recycle phone resources.

    As of now, I think that the weak 3G network signal from Sprint/VMUSA network and ROM software is the root cause for all the slowness/heating/battery issues for this phone.

  9. EdAndInn

    EdAndInn Well-Known Member


    Today too I faced the same issue. I was using Stock browser and then YouTube in low signal strength area. The apps stopped responding and screen turned dark. It would not turn on even with power button. Thus, this confirms that this is some issue with low signal area and stock ROM software issues.

    I had to pull battery again today.


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