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  1. daviddcmd

    daviddcmd Well-Known Member

    One of the reasons I took my SG3 back was the screen was unusable in direct sunlight and the sort of cartoonish characters.

    I spend a lot of time outside, convince me the the SG4 will be better.

    I don't care that it's made of plastic and won't win any cell phone beauty contests I just want to be able to see it outside.

  2. markyboy81

    markyboy81 Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's a lot brighter than the s3 but apparently the reflectivity is very low, so it shouldn't be a problem
  3. RichSz

    RichSz Not Entitled VIP Member

    I couldn't possibly convince anyone it's better or worse than the S3 because I haven't seen the S4 in person. It may not be better. In fact I haven't seen any screen outside of e-ink which is easily viewable in direct sunlight.

    Which phones are you considering and what are you using now?
  4. daviddcmd

    daviddcmd Well-Known Member

    Currently have a Nexus 4, but would like LTE and more space.

    Looking at Xperia ZL and SG4
  5. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    From this review (assuming the Z and ZL use similar screen technology):
    Sunlight visibility is about the same as the S3. Quoted from here
    I'm surprised that you think the Nexus 4 has better sunlight visibility. This is from the S3 vs. Nexus 4 review at the same sight:
    Sunlight Contrast Ratio:
    S3 3.419
    S4 3.3352
    Z - 2.462
    N4 1.926
  6. daviddcmd

    daviddcmd Well-Known Member

    This just proves that it's better to see for yourself. To me the LGOG had the best screen outside followed by the N4.

    I couldn't turn the SG3 up bright enough. If the SG4 is going to be the same then I'm going with the Sony.
  7. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    Really? the review says that the S4 "easily bests the Xperia Z in terms of sunlight legibility and contrast." BTW, here are the 100% brightness figures.

    S3 330
    S4 404
    XZ 492
    N4 608

    Both the S4 and ZL will be a step backwards. You might be better off staying with what you've got.
  8. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    My one complaint with Samsung has been the oversaturated Dim display,back when the note 2 came out,i was considering it till i seen it next to the Droid DNA,and could not see having to look at that horrible display for 2 years,granted i have not seen the S4 yet but everyone has an opinion on what they need and expect in a phone,HTC if for nothing else has a proven display winner at least for now.

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