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  1. Fenerlove

    Fenerlove New Member

    i have got Samsung Galaxy Y, Android Version -2.3.5 .

    i HAVE done couple of screenshots but there is a problem......
    because i hold down the home button the 'recent' blue box comes up, and it takes a shot of that :eek: and yeah can you help me?

  2. Guntru

    Guntru Active Member

    Ya, just after clicking home button uniquely imedietly click on/off button without any delay and u will get your screenshot
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  3. jebjebskie

    jebjebskie New Member

    just long press it maybe 2-3 sec then click the off/on button
  4. xjurdzx

    xjurdzx New Member

    hold home button and lock button.
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  5. Fenerlove

    Fenerlove New Member

    thank you xjurdzx ! :) i was holding the home button....THEN press the lock button, now i do both together and it works :)

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