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  1. CMurquidez13

    CMurquidez13 New Member

    So I basically want to know if there is ANY WAY to take screenshots on the LG Revolution without rooting or buying apps with the new android OS update to ICS? CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?

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  2. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    There are several options,

    1. Use "Screenshot Free" android application
    2. Use "Droid Explorer" windows software ( I recommend you to use "Droid Explorer Beta", because of its latest version has some issue).
    3. Use "Wondershare android mobileGo" windows software.

    Download links,

    Control, Backup Android Phone, Install apps, Flash Custom ROM, Take screenshot, Record Video, Apply ROM Update Using A Windows Computer [ Droid Explorer ] PC Suite

    How To Take Screenshots ,Snapshot Any Android Phone Without Root

    Hope this info useful. :D
  3. Haxcid

    Haxcid Well-Known Member

    At this point LG has not decided if they want to update the Revolution to ICS. Odds are they will not. It is a lot of work to create an ICS build for a phone and LG is clearly about doing the least amount possible.

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