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  1. jimwww

    jimwww Member

    I have a thrive and would like to make screenshots.. how do I do it w/o rooting?

  2. Nicholas440

    Nicholas440 Member

    It has to be rooted to do screen shots..
  3. asctony

    asctony Member

    No root screenshot it on market ~ $5
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  4. AlPeaston

    AlPeaston New Member

    I tried every no root screen capture app and none of them worked. I finally broke down and rooted my Thrive, viol
  5. asctony

    asctony Member

    No, please reread description. The app I re commended can be used WITHOUT being rooted.
    No root screenshot it
    in the market $4.99.
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  6. misuiki

    misuiki Member

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