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  1. obsidianwings

    obsidianwings Well-Known Member

    Anyone heard of any plans to bring scribblenauts to android? I really hope they get onto this :)

  2. Italo

    Italo Well-Known Member

    I doubt they ever would. At some point I would imagine the new quad core handsets will be able to run DS emulators though.
  3. obsidianwings

    obsidianwings Well-Known Member

    Aww I was hoping someone would've heard about it, since its been available on iPhone for a while.
    Would be cool if a DS emulator comes out sometime, but with the DS being dual screen not sure how nicely it would translate...
  4. sanleg

    sanleg New Member

    The game Scribblenauts: the Remix is available for ipad/ipod but not Android. It does not need a DS simulator. It needs to be applied to and marketed for Android systems.

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