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  1. MB200

    MB200 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know of a web browser app, or a script for a web browser, that would allow an Android user to update all four of the windows in the web browser (from a pre-configured list of URLs) with a single input to the smartphone?

    With such an app, one could update four pages in the background, where 3G or "Edge" network speed would not be very important, and then. later on, quickly view/review all four web pages once the time-consuming data fill was complete.

    My job situation does not allow me to pull out the smartphone and play with it for several minutes to do this -- I could however start the process then come back in a few minutes and quickly toggle through four-screens of already loaded web info.

  2. MB200

    MB200 Well-Known Member

    I guess not.

    Well, short of a good scripting app,

    DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A MORE POWERFUL AND USER-CONFIGURABLE ANDROID BROWSER THAT MIGHT HELP SOLVE MY PROBLEM? I would like several pages to download, in the background making data speed relatively unimportant, with only the click of a single icon.
  3. Neverendingxsin

    Neverendingxsin Active Member

    The only browser ive used other than the stock browser is the "Dolphin Browsers" and to me its much faster and better than the stock one
  4. MB200

    MB200 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I'll give Dolphin Browser a try.

    However, I'm still looking for ANY other way to possibly accomplish this capability: single touch to fill up with data four browser windows (or tabs) in the background. Anyone know of one?
  5. MB200

    MB200 Well-Known Member

    I have tried the Dolphin browser now. It does not support this sort of scripting, or opening a list of, say, four web pages in the background from a single input command.:(

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