ScummVM (Monkey Island) on the Xoom

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  1. dvdcatalyst

    dvdcatalyst Well-Known Member

    Yesterday I messed around with ScummVM on the Xoom, and here is the result:

    Monkey Island 1

    Monkey Island 3


    Full Throttle


    The Dig

    If you are an oldtimer (like me) and still have a nice collection of the good old point&click games, its a great way to get some of the best games on the planet on your Xoom, and the touch screen is perfect for these :)

    More info:


    monkey island 1 intro video:

    monkey island 3 intro video:

    Sorry about the bad video recordings. I used my playbook for it, and don't really have a set area to record video.

    For the audio, I recorded the headphone output from the Xoom directly with Audacity, and stapled the video and audio together in Premiere Elements.

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  2. frenzy757

    frenzy757 Well-Known Member

    how do you save games? I played Full Throttle and couldn't save my game...makes it hard to enjoy.
  3. dvdcatalyst

    dvdcatalyst Well-Known Member

    tap on [3] and it will bring up the ScummVM menu which offers the option to save/load your games.
  4. frenzy757

    frenzy757 Well-Known Member

    what is [3]. I use the soft menu key, and when I try to push the save botton its kind of dimmed out and nothing happens. Then when I go to load the game, nothing is there.
  5. dvdcatalyst

    dvdcatalyst Well-Known Member

    With [3] I was indicating the overlay button on the right side with 3 on it.

    I haven't done much playing with the games yet, besides of making a few videos, but I just loaded up Full Throttle, skipped through the opening intro by "pinching", moved around a little, and saved a game.
    I went back to the scumm game launcher screen, and with full throttle selected, I tapped "Load" and it loaded the game at the point of where I saved it.

    I don't know why the save-game option might be greyed out, maybe the data folder is set up wrong for scummvm?
  6. Mitchrapp

    Mitchrapp Well-Known Member

    I have a question, I know where to get the ScummVM plugins but where do you actually get the Scumm to run them. Help would be appreciated.
  7. dvdcatalyst

    dvdcatalyst Well-Known Member

    Did you check the XoomFaq article link I posted in the first post?

    Xoom News

    It has the location for the ScummVM version I used at the bottom, below the screenshots. I just installed that version, no plugins or anything else from the market.
  8. Mitchrapp

    Mitchrapp Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I always rush in on things. Thanks, I love ScummVM.
  9. dvdcatalyst

    dvdcatalyst Well-Known Member

    LOL, I think most of us do.

    instead of RT*M its WT*IM (where/what the * is the manual :))

    Scumm is amazing on the Xoom. but you were right in your first post though, I still have no idea about those scumm plugins that are on the market.
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  10. Mitchrapp

    Mitchrapp Well-Known Member

    Thanks much, lets see Apple try this.

    I might not have any time for the family now. Lol.
  11. frenzy757

    frenzy757 Well-Known Member

    So I see that [3] then i try to click on the save button and it is still greyed out. I can't save games, any ideas?
  12. Lars1

    Lars1 Well-Known Member

    DVD Cat,

    I really love (and miss) the Monkey Island games.

    I DL the app you referred to in your original post.

    Can you please tell me how to set this up to play MI on my Xoom?

  13. dvdcatalyst

    dvdcatalyst Well-Known Member


    at the very top of the site link,

    ScummVM 1.3.0git4117 - Games - File Catalog - Android Games Development

    it has "download from this server" which will start downloading the APK installer.

    Download the APK file using your PC, and manually copy it to your Xoom

    Then use a file explorer (ES File Explorer/Root Explorer etc) to find it on your Xoom and install it. (make sure you have Unknown Sources enabled in Settings > Applications)

    Because it is an older app, it doesn't put a shortcut on your homescreen, but it should show a big S in your app drawer.

    When you start it, it will show a full screen SDL message, and after that it will show the scumm app menu

    then I just created a games folder on the xoom, and folders for the games I had, so I have a monkey island 1 folder, a monkey island 2 folder, a Full Throttle folder etc, and copy the files from each game in its folder

    Full Throttle - ScummVM :: Wiki

    Once that is all on your Xoom, use add game to browse to your folders, and select the folders that contain the data files. Scumm will recognize what version it is and add it to the list.
    from there, just start the game.

    scumm is a bit finnicky, so you might have to stop it in settings > applications every once in a while.
  14. frenzy757

    frenzy757 Well-Known Member

    Any ideas in my saving problem?
  15. dvdcatalyst

    dvdcatalyst Well-Known Member

    Besides my previous post on your question:

    I have no idea. I haven't ran into a save-issue myself, so all I can do is guess. Other people that are using it haven't mentioned anything on save-issues either. There are quite a few responses in this thread on, where I also posted about ScummVM on the Xoom.
  16. frenzy757

    frenzy757 Well-Known Member

    Yea it crazy no one is having'the same issue. I reinstalled it like ten times
  17. dvdcatalyst

    dvdcatalyst Well-Known Member

    Here is an idea,

    Maybe setup scummVM on your pc (ScummVM :: Home) and make sure your game-folders work, and that you can save a game.

    Then copy it over to your Xoom, and clear scummdata in settings>apps, and go from there. You might even be able to load your PC save-game on your Xoom.
  18. dvdcatalyst

    dvdcatalyst Well-Known Member

    And maybe go with a small game first, such as Monkey 1, Loom, Maniac Mansion (if you have any of those)

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