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  1. jack500

    jack500 Member

    Hi all,

    Just discovered this Forum as I have just bought a 80 G9 for my wife's birthday and while I think the G9 is great for the price I am absolutely gob smacked that Honeycomb wont allow apps to be installed to the SD Card. Does anybody have any comments on that or ideas on how to get around it.

    I should warn you that I might be a bit ancient at 68 to be talking Android apps but you're only as old as you let'em make you feel .

    Actually all she really want to do is download maps to the SD Card so as not to clog up the on board memory but I'm not sure how to go about that or even if an associated mapping app which has to be stored on internally memory would be able follow the path to access the map files on the SD Card.

    I've asked Archos support the question but their reply was just this... 'You can't install apps to SD Card but you can write to SD Card with Honeycomb providing the SD Card is formatted to FAT32 but NTFS is read only.'

    Wasn't really what I asked them but that raises another question, are they saying there is a formatting process somewhere on the G9 with FAT and NTFS options because I can only find a mount SD Card option which I assumed will format it to FAT32 this being the normal flash memory file system but then do you need NTFS for video it being a bit quicker at file transfer ??? seems there are more questions than answers.

    Does anybody have any experience of this? before I start messing around and giving myself a bigger problem.

    Think the tablet is great though think I may be putting some pennies away and getting myself one.


  2. rumanuu76

    rumanuu76 Member

  3. jack500

    jack500 Member

    Thanks for taking the trouble to reply, it is appreciated!

    I'll give them a go, I expect real people might be more helpful than Archos support direct.

    Interesting to note that my question to Archos Support itself (not the forum) has gone into their now becoming famous customer support black hole.

    It would seem that customers are something of a nuisance to them asking for basic but it seems awkward information :rolleyes:.

    But then when the information in their online manual tells you little more than can be gathered from the features listed on the box packaging you would expect them to be prepared to explain when asked a specific question.

    Apart from the battery which is not user replaceable (and expensive to pay them to replace), I really like their product but would have to think seriously about buying Archos again because of their rubbish literature and customer service.

    I'm glad I only emailed and didn't phone seeing that they charge a premium rate even to new customers who may be having problems. Cheeky beggars!

    Another form of revenue not doubt, so it most likely pays them to provide rubbish written info, followed by rubbish explanations that are of little help.

    Rant over Thanks again

  4. Steve Adams

    Steve Adams Well-Known Member

    Hi jack, I installed my apps on SD when using hc. Now we ics and life is grand in g9 land. Made a good tablet great.

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