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  1. timbecht

    timbecht New Member

    how do you move them or guide to use them as ringtones

  2. anthony062991

    anthony062991 Well-Known Member

  3. NeoDraven

    NeoDraven Well-Known Member

    The easiest way I found was to use the Avail's built-in Music app to select a song, and then manually set it as a ringtone.

    I did that for several songs, so each would at least appear in the list of ringtones already able to be selected, since I use one for GrooveIP, one for my regular dialer and another for my alarm.

    That was the only way I was able to actually set a different ringtone for the alarm itself. Once you've set a ringtone at least once, it should always appear in the list of selectable ones.

    That's probably the quickest method that doesn't require any changes or downloads.
  4. Lincoln357

    Lincoln357 Well-Known Member

    Just make a folder on sd card and name it "Ringtones", paste the music you like and you can choose any for your ringtone.Same goes for "Notifications" and "Alarms".
  5. mocorbin

    mocorbin New Member

    Ok I did save ringtones to sd card and they're on my phone now. But is there any way for each contact I have to get their own personal ringtone. On my old verizon phone I knew who was calling by the ringtone so I could tell how important it was to answer right away. Anyone figure out how to do this? Thanks.:)
  6. dougggg

    dougggg Member

    In the contcts app, when displaying a contact on the options menu there is option to select a ringtone for that contact
  7. tomcaldwell1

    tomcaldwell1 New Member

    I just got an at&t avail (same a zte 990) anyway... i used a ringtone maker on my PC to create several custom rongtone files for myself. I hooked my phone up to my pc, created a "ringtone" folder on sdcard and dropped my smaller ringtone mp3's in there. Works great for my ringtones on the phone. Problem is that none of these ringtones are recognized as "alarm" tone files. I even tried creating "alarm" and "notifications" folders on the sdcard and dropped a ringtone in there to see if the phone would recognize them and it was a big fat "0". Are "alarm" tones some kind of different format than mp3? I tried making them "wav" files too and that didn't work either. Any ideas? I hate downloading memory hog apps on my phone to create one or two custom alarm sounds.
  8. tomcaldwell1

    tomcaldwell1 New Member

    OK... nevermind. I must be losing it. I went back and hooked my phone up to my PC again via usb; created an "Alarms" folder on the sdcard. Dropped the ringtone I wanted in there and sure enough it showed up in my alarm selections on the phone. I don't know if it mattered or not, but I did rename the ringtone this way "what ever your files name is Alarm" Example "Wake Up Alarm"

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