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  1. davidbaron

    davidbaron New Member

    hi i have tried to set my phone to download straight to my sd card but this does not work... i have unlocked my boot loader and now i have no idea how to portion my sd card so that it reads as internal storage, many people have done it for 1gb this is about what i want to do but again i dont know what to do can some one post step by step how to guide (with pics if possible) it would help me out greatly as their is a particular game i want and this is the only way i will be able to get it

  2. mysticspiral

    mysticspiral Well-Known Member

  3. bellefille

    bellefille New Member

    Hi! I have purchased SD card of 8gb but it shows as SD card unavailable in my phone and i can't download apps due to it. What is the issue?>
  4. BigBearEvo

    BigBearEvo Member

    Easy. come see me for links to required thread as it explains it all.

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