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  1. jinx404

    jinx404 New Member

    So I just got a new samsung galaxy s2 just on Dec 29th and I got the micro sd 32g that day. Just yesterday my Sd card went blank so I get a notification. I tried formatting the Sd card but it says "erasing" but never finishes formatting.
    Do I have a faulty Sd card? Is the only way to get a new one? I know I can't exchange cause I threw out the receipt and its past their 15 days exchange policy. And why did this happen?

  2. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Download SD Formatter on your PC (Google it). It fixed my SD card when it wouldn't recognize it. Long story, but it worked really well in making the SD card work on my phone when formatting on the PC didn't seem to work at all.
  3. ocellaris

    ocellaris New Member

    I have the same problem with my S2 LTE (stock, ICS, with maybe a dozen non-factory apps. About 10 months old now). Periodically, I'll get the same message. I would try reformatting through the phone, but it wouldn't reformat. I tried my PC and it would tell me the card needed to be reformatted, and I would reformat using it (Windows 7, whatever its default formatting setting is). Than I heard that there may be an issue with using the PIN screen lockout security feature that messes up the in-phone formatting tool. I switched to the Pattern unlock mode, and then next time I had a blank sd card message, I was able to reformat through the phone. Weird, but I can now reformat with my phone.

    My biggest gripe is that I have to reformat so often. I went about 6 months problem free. Now, I get the blank card message almost everytime I try to connect to my PC (via USB and Kies; I haven't tried transferring files via wifi yet). Once or twice, its happened right after power up. I use a Lexar Pro 32gb card, but never get more than a few gb onto it before the problem hits.

    I can reformat and use the card again afterwards, so I don't think my card is the issue (or is it??). I'm guessing something (software, app, one of my files, the phone itself) is messing up the filesystem, as opposed to any physical issue with the card. But its virtually impossible to pinpoint for someone with limited knowledge and tech skills like me :( Everything works fine for awhile and then blam.

    Any suggestions anyone? I hate having to jump through hoops everytime.
  4. thewarden

    thewarden Active Member

    Same problem just hit me today. Kept seeing card removed and mounting messages for about a day when unlocking screen and now it finally says sd card blank. If it keeps doing this then using a card is effin pointless. No fix?
  5. thewarden

    thewarden Active Member

    So get this....I never bothered trying to format the card. Just let it be and now it's back showing all my music files and working fine. Wtf?
  6. thewarden

    thewarden Active Member

    Never mind. It did it again. Gonna try that sd formatter right now see how it goes. This is dumb.

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