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"SD Card blank or has unsupported file system"Support

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  1. doublev

    doublev New Member

    My desire hd was updated, but it was a few days layer my phone told me to insert my SD card even though it was inserted. I just tried it in another phone and it didn't work but the SD from that phone worked fine in mine. I believe it got fried . This is a replacement phone which I have had less than a month. The first one kept shutting off after a few minutes. I hope the SD card is not going to be a constant issue.

  2. Exasperated

    Exasperated Active Member

    Do you know, I had a sneaking suspicion that my sd card didn't fail until a couple of days after the update. I just thought it was the fact that I hadn't tried to take a photo until that point, but now you've said that, I think mine may have been the same. Question is, did the actual process of the update fry it (ie if we remove them in future updates, will they be ok) OR is/was there someting on the update that fries them and if we have another one in now, will that go the same way??
  3. MSPreacher

    MSPreacher Well-Known Member

    I've had a 4GB one in there since the day I posted this and it's been working fine so far. Waiting on HTC's 8GB replacement.
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  4. Silmarillion

    Silmarillion Member

    I thought I'd share my experience with this issue:

    I'm relatively new to all this (got my HD in October) and have had issues every two or three weeks since, including text messages getting deleted a few weeks ago, and this week's issue is the SD card one. Mine said it was "blank or unsupported filesystem" this morning, my laptop wouldn't read it, and my dad's Nokia N8 wouldn't read it (though both recognised it). I've tried restoring the files with PhotoRec (recommended on another forum for this issue) and nothing came of that, so I stuck it back in my phone for the 'n'th time only to find that this time, it doesn't have the "blank" error message (or any error message for that matter) - it just won't read it and says it is unmounted despite it being firmly clicked into place.

    I've emailed HTC via their website so am awaiting their reply and hopefully an offer of a new card. I'm loathed to do a factory reset, because when I got the darned phone I did three of these just to get the WiFi, HTC Sense and my email syncing working properly. I don't particularly want to lose all my data again!

    So anyway, thanks for the thread and keep the updates coming, it makes interesting reading.
  5. Cabal50

    Cabal50 New Member

    I had a 4gig SD card in my Captivate for months- no problem. I purchased 2 16gig cards, neither of those work 100% of the time. Each card will be ok for a few hours, then give the '...unsupported file system'. That is my 2cents.
  6. aLmoravado

    aLmoravado New Member

    My second SD card has been destroyed by the phone; the original one that came with the phone (8gb) and a replacement one that I had (16gb). I purchased my DHD from Clove and have it with me since 25th of Oct; I had no problems until recently (I am guessing till the last OTA update)...

    HTC needs to roll out another update to negate the effects of the 1.72.405.3 update...
  7. MSPreacher

    MSPreacher Well-Known Member

    I finally got my 8GB replacement from HTC yesterday. :)
  8. tvj

    tvj Member


    Just to give an update, I had shipped my phone back to HTC support last week, and I received the email confirmation from them today saying that the phone has been repaired and is UPSed today.

    Strange point, I sent a phone with an IMEI/Serial No, and I am being sent a phone with a different IMEI/Serial no. I called up HTC to check why this is and what was said was, the have replaced the major parts of the phone and this is as good as new phone. He said it is a New Phone in the old casing!!.

    I am waiting to for the phone to arrive and will update on the same
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  9. Cabal50

    Cabal50 New Member

    does anyone know why a Galaxy S phone would recognize an SD card one minute then not recognize it the next?
  10. tommym92

    tommym92 Member

    Just e-mailed HTC support again. Hopefully They'll send me a card without me having to ring them up :)
  11. Exasperated

    Exasperated Active Member

    Will be interesting to see which update/software release the phone has on it - will you let us all know please?

    I have just been told to send mine back but I don't have a spare and I need it, so I'm reluctant to do this unless I absolutely have to. My thinking is that they may have just put non-updated stock innards into your phone. If that's the case, I'm not sure whether to give downgrading to the last update a go.....

    Oh, and I actually received (after chasing about 6 times - Samsung 8gb) my replacement SD card this morning - it was only posted yesterday when they emailed me on 6th saying it had been posted then.
  12. MSPreacher

    MSPreacher Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I called them a week ago to see what the delay was, and they said that their stock of SD cards was low but that I was at the top of the list.
  13. Exasperated

    Exasperated Active Member

    Actually, I realised that the SD card that I received was from Carphone Warehouse and not HTC. So HTC still haven't sent me one when they said they have. At least I have one now though. I am worried however, because HTC seem to be coming out with a load of inconsistent lines and promises are not kept. Their communication about this update is appalling!
  14. tommym92

    tommym92 Member

    Just got an email saying they are out of stock of 8GB cards, but will be getting a shipment on the 26th Jan.
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  15. Exasperated

    Exasperated Active Member

    I bet they are!!

    I wonder whether they will provide an update to sort out all these issues....it's not looking likely as so many people are being asked to send their phones back for repair (me included) and it's not a hardware fault. Bizarre. They could fix the issues with a decent software release. Or reissue 1.32 to over ride 1.72.
  16. tvj

    tvj Member

    OK, I have received the Phone after a week at HTC, with a new Sandisk 8GB SD Card.

    Here is the software information in the new phone

    Android Version : 2.2 (Earlier it was 2.2.1?? after the OTA update)
    Baseband Version : 12.28b.60.140eU_26.03.02.26_M
    Kernel Version: #1 Thu Oct 28 13:24:11 CST 2010
    Build Number : 1.32.405.6 CL278359 release-keys
    Software Number : 1.32.405.6
    Browser Version : Webkit 3.1

    It has a new IMEI and Serial No. too

    I am not sure if this is the old version of the software, when I check for software updates it says there is no update available. Have they removed the latest update?.

    Problem description as per their ticket is : Storage parts malfunction(Memory Card, Micro drive, Nand Flash...)

    They insist that this is the same phone which I had sent to them with some new hardware, but for me the phone looks new, since I had the ZAGG protective shields which is now not on the phone. Would they have removed it?

    I had a tough time talking to the customer care at HTC asking if it is a new phone or not.

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  17. MSPreacher

    MSPreacher Well-Known Member

    They took out the core of the phone and put in a new one, hence the new IMEI. However, the rest of the phone is still the one you sent in (according to them anyway). I don't understand the bit you said about the ZAGG: "I had the ZAGG protective shields which is now on the phone"

    Did you meant "not" on the phone?

    The 2.2.1 update was rolled back, so it's no longer available for now.
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  18. tvj

    tvj Member

    Yes it was typo, I meant it was not on the phone.
  19. Exasperated

    Exasperated Active Member

    Thanks for that. Really helpful. How's your battery life with no update (that's the only thing that was good about the update for me)?

    So it looks like essentially what they did was remove the last update. Why don't they sort out some software to do that for everyone and then start again. At the moment, they are in the situation of having probably 20% of the population with Desire HD with malfunctioning phones with the 1.72 update, another 50% who have it but are ok and another 30% who don't have it at all. How is that going to work when they release a new update? Does anyone with any techie knowledge know whther a software release usually builds on a previous version or removes it completely before installing the update??

    Oh, and just checked on XDA developers - someone with a brand new phone has exactly the same build and software details as you. So it's a complete roll back.
  20. pigo95

    pigo95 New Member

    I have the same problem as all of u and my phone is only 1 week old.
  21. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. I'm thinking I'll put the original SD card back into the phone so that it doesn't fry my 32GB card. Then wait for the next update before it goes back again.

  22. Exasperated

    Exasperated Active Member

    I would just take it back to the shop and ask for a new one (and make sure it's only got 1.32 software version in!)
  23. Shallowthing

    Shallowthing Member

    This problem manifested itself with my DHD today. I'm so angry. I love my DHD, but there's been nothing but problems with it - SMS alerts, lost messages, non-functional GPS, wonky compass - since the last update. Is there any way of rolling back to the previous one? I'd happily trade in the improved battery life for having the functionality restored. Irate email to HTC customer services today, I think.
  24. KenTom

    KenTom Member

    My original SD card died last night on my 3 month old DHD - it was working one minute, and then it was `unavailable' the next. Tried it in the PC card reader and nothing! I did the update a few weeks ago, and until now had not seen any of the problems others have talked about.
    Phoned HTC Support this morning (in eastern europe apparently), and very quickly the guy was taking my address to post me a new one. I asked was there a possibilty of it happening to the new one, but apparently there will be some instructions with it to avoid that.
  25. areve

    areve New Member

    My phone has now destroyed 3 microsd cards! The original one that came with the phone lasted a few weeks and went just after the December upgrade I told my phone supplier and they said they'd send me a replacement under warrantee (I'm still waiting 2 months later!!!). Card 1 would not even recognise as a valid device by windows in my card reader. I bought a new 32gb mem card and within days it was dead two, windows could see it but any attempt to write to it resulted in errors. I was now convinced that it was the latest update that had destroyed my card so bought the cheapest 2gb card I could find at the supermarket and downgraded my phone. All was well for a few weeks but now this card too has become read only. Non of the cards could be formatted by Windows.


    • Jan 8gb killed by 1.72.405.3 Android can't read, Windows wont recognise device. Card lasted about 4 weeks.
    • Feb 32gb killed by 1.72.405.3 Android can't read only, windows can read but not write. Card lasted about 4 days.
    • Feb 2gb killed by 1.32.405.6 Android can't read only, windows can read but not write. Card lasted about 3 weeks.
    So I think it's my phone that has a fault, I'm guessing that this can't be all Desire HD's or more people would be having problems than appear to be so I'll be trying to get a replacement, I need to contact my phone supplier again anyway to find out what they are doing! It's a great phone but... :(

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