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SD Card Blank?

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  1. ihatespys

    ihatespys Member

    Well opened my phone a bit ago to get this message about my SD card being blank and has unsupported file system or something to that nature, and that I need to reformat. Well tried to but it wont, took it out put it back in still same thing. So took it back out put it in PC it wont read there either tried formating it it still wont work...so wandering if my SD card dead? Do i need to purchase a new 16gb one? :confused::(

  2. tcd1014

    tcd1014 Member

    Yes it's dead. The same thing happened to me a while back. You can find one on Ebay or Amazon for around $25.
  3. chrisdorman1

    chrisdorman1 Well-Known Member

    Just happened to me as well a few weeks ago. I got Verizon to send me a new phone cause I figured it was that (my phone is still under warranty). Plugged the card into the new phone.. same thing. Ended up just buying a cheap new card of of Amazon. Works as normal now. Just sucks I lost everything on my old card :(
  4. ackoolness

    ackoolness Well-Known Member

    eek, i had an issue where photos were being erased (google it, its real) but motorola never ever addressed it. sucks but that is exactly why i keep a backup of my pics, TB, phone images, and music are backed up every monday on my work computer.
  5. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

  6. ihatespys

    ihatespys Member

    Thanks I had to settle with a 8gb one for now nobody had a 16gb. I got a scandisk also hopefully it don't crap out. I will just have to start backing stuff up such as photos lost some good ones of my nephew :(
  7. paleoism

    paleoism Member

    Mine died today also. This is the second one this phone has gone though. This particular one I pulled from my blackberry storm that survived just fine there for two years.

    I've never seen a card die before it died (twice) in my X. WTF? One, okay.. two, no way.

    A simple search here and I find numerous results of people complaining about the sdcard suddenly and randomly failing. I'm not certain it's random anymore. There's gotta be a problem... something causing this.
  8. GSX

    GSX Well-Known Member

    Mine did the same thing about a month ago. lost a bunch of photos of my daughter. it really sucks, but I learned a lesson about backing up. I replaced it with an 8 gig Sandisk.
  9. nebraska

    nebraska Member

    Mine died about two days back. I ordered 8 gb one from ebay for like $12 ! I also have trouble with my DX after updating it to GB. It restarts all the time, like 3 to 4 times in a day! and its not like i am running to many apps and putting it under too much stress. Even if its sitting on the table it restarts ! GB sucks big time!
  10. Raryn

    Raryn Well-Known Member

    This happened to me three times.

    All three times Verizon replaced the sd card free of charge. Given how rare the issue was, they figured it was my phone causing it, so they also replaced my phone after the 3rd time.

    If I were you I'd try just going to a verizon corporate store and showing them the error message and asking them for a new card. You might also try asking for a new (or well, refurb) phone warranty replacement, but they might not say yes to that unless it happens more than once.

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