SD Card broke off in HTC Droid Incredible 2Support

  1. gerrihill

    gerrihill New Member

    I recently purchased a defective 16gb micro SD card. It appeared to install correctly but at first use, I received an error message that no card was installed.

    I attempted to eject the card so that I could reseat it but only the top portion of the card came out. The part with the gold contacts are still in the phone. How do I get this piece out so that I can install a new card?

  2. kwalla

    kwalla Well-Known Member

    Yikes, that sucks.... I assume it's pushed in and "locked" into place, so you'll need something to both push it in, to unlock it, and then pull it out...

    My only thought is a something like taking a paperclip, straightening it out, putting a tiny tiny dab of like chewing gum on the end... and then pushing it in, and pulling out - hopefully the gum is both sticky enough to hold the card, but also won't adhere to anything inside the phone.

    After thinking about it for a minute, I think I'd try this first:

    Take just the straight paperclip, hold the phone "vertical" so that the SD card opens to the ground, use the clip to push in.. and hope that gravity will cause it to fall out. If that didn't work, then I'd try it with something sticky on the end, like gum.

    OR... go to your local phone store.. I'm sure this isn't all that uncommon. Those folks may know a better solution.

    Note: a paperclip may be too thick, but I'm sure you get the idea.. something skinny/strong/straight to try and manipulate the card that's stuck inside.

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