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SD card causes boot loop

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  1. zoidy84

    zoidy84 Well-Known Member

    I have got a strange issue with a Sandisk 8GB SD card. I have been using it in my HTC Desire (rooted running Modaco r3.1) for at least 2 months now with no problems. However i took it out and put in the orginal 4GB card the phone came with to see if there was anything on it, anyway when i put the 8GB card back in i get stuck in a continous boot loop on the "Queitly Brilliant" screen.

    Its really odd because everything is still on the card.

    To try and resolve i have moved everything off the 8GB onto my computer and then copied the 4GB contents onto the 8GB card but it still gets stuck anytime i use this 8GB card!

    Any ideas?

  2. zoidy84

    zoidy84 Well-Known Member

    i guess no one then :-(
  3. frakk

    frakk New Member

    No, unfortunately, no ideas, but at least I can confirm I have the same issue here and wondering if you have sorted it out finally.

    I have a 16GB Kingston card, HTC Desire, rooted with stock rom + ext2sd. Works fine for about one year now. Occasional boot loops could be managed by removing the battery and rebooting so far.

    But now, out of a sudden, nothing helps. I have found out that when booting with the sd card removed, the problem is away. With the card put in, it has the boot loop and I have no idea how to fix it at the moment.
  4. joggy

    joggy Well-Known Member

    Honestly it sounds like a bad SD card. These flash cards only have a finite amount of read/writes and when they fail odd things happen. That boot loop with the card installed sounds like a failure.

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