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  1. handymidget

    handymidget New Member

    A few months ago my gs3 emptied my sd card and told me I needed to format it out of nowhere. I tried it in other phones and with a card reader but nothing worked. Even once I formatted it, I was still being prompted to format again. This is a big deal to me, my sd card is where all of my personal pictures and phone files are kept. I didn't blow up on Samsung or Verizon like I feel I should have though, I just let it go and got a new card.

    Today, my gs3 told me that I took out my new sd card without unmounting it. Ive tried it in multiple devices and a card reader but nothing even recognizes that it is plugged in.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Will Verizon or Samsung do anything about it?

  2. mrsfrosty

    mrsfrosty New Member

    I am experiencing the same thing....have only had my GS3 about 6 weeks....brand new SD card in it..was fine. Then, all of a sudden I keep getting the notification that the SD card is blank and needs to be formatted. I say OK and it says it's doing something but nothing happens. When I go to settings to look under "storage", nothing shows for the SD card. I am with ATT. Don't know what to do.
  3. andrzewi

    andrzewi Well-Known Member

    Maybe returning phone to the source of sell could help?
  4. AxlMyk

    AxlMyk Active Member

    I had a Sandisk 32gig class 10 HC go bad in my gs3. Called Sandisk Tech support and explained it to them. They're sending me a new one.

    I have a Sandisk 64gig class 10 SDXC card on the way. Hopefully the phone will be nice to it. I'll pull the battery before installing it.
  5. falkie

    falkie Member

    Yep. Same here. just happened for the second time in three months yesterday, SO annoying! All of the sudden I got a message that the SD card was unexpectedly removed, and it was basically unreadable on any device and had to be reformatted.
    I doubt this is a card problem, I had used this same card on my last phone for over a year with no problems.
    I've been searching online to see if this is a known problem, and it seems to be reported here and there across all carriers. Would love to know how to get rid of this issue!!! Aside from the annoyance factor, I lost some valuable data because of this. Is this a phone problem? Should I see if I can exchange it?
  6. Nammer403

    Nammer403 New Member

    I find that whenever i have my phone charging and i restart my phone my memory card gets corrupted.. I had the phone for 3 months and everything went fine in February it started to do that

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