SD card corrupted, recovered some files - now what?

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  1. kendermouse

    kendermouse Active Member

    My Epic froze up on me, (a common occurrence,) and I yanked the battery for thirty seconds, then restarted the phone. I've done this several times, with no ill effects, but for some reason, this time I got a message stating that it couldn't read the card.

    I shut down the phone again, (this time normally,) removed the card, put it back in, then restarted the phone - same problem.

    Once again, I shut down the phone and removed the card. This time, however, I put it into the computer, to check there. It was definitely corrupted.

    I did some research, found a good recovery program, and used it. I was able to get most of my files off the card, but they're no longer nice and neat, in folders.

    So now my problem is, I only remember about five folders, and I can't remember the rest. I also can't remember if each app had it's own separate folder on it's own, or if the folders were inside other folders, like the main android one, or something; and until I can figure that out, and rebuild the folders, I can't really put the stuff back on the card.

    So, I know this is probably an outrageous request, but if someone could maybe post a screenshot of the way everything is arranged on their SD card, that would give me a starting point. I will be extremely grateful for this, or any other help I can get.

    Problem solved, thanks to someone helpful elsewhere - open command prompt on windows, type in chkdsk /X /F [insert drive name the computer gives your SD card here, without brackets] and it should fix things. If it doesn't, then there will be a need to resort to other methods to recover and pull the files off the card, like I /was/ doing this morning. (Which is what led to this post in the first place - Recuva is good at getting the files off, but not so good at maintaining them in their original folders.)

    Anyway, from now on, backups!

  2. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    Moved into epic 4g forums for proper support :)

    Unfortunately to say I have no knowledge on how to recover files from a corrupt sd card, but I'm sure one of the guys here will be able to help you :)

  3. kendermouse

    kendermouse Active Member

    Oh yes, thank you /so/ much for moving my thread about a corrupted SD card to a forum dedicated to a phone.

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