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  1. SweetInsanity

    SweetInsanity New Member

    Hello! I got a Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i one month ago. It's my first smartphone so I'm not experienced with them (I only found out how to take screenshots today, so yeah). It came with a 2GB SD card and the adapter, but they're unsealed since I had another 2GB SD card and used it.
    I don't remember the initial Android version because after a few minutes of playing with it I upgraded it (directly from the phone) to 2.3.6.
    I got tired of not having enough space for music and other things so I bought a Kingston Micro SDHC 16GB card two weeks ago. The phone worked perfectly fine with the 2GB one, but after I switched to the 16GB one it started becoming troublesome.
    The SD card automatically unmounts itself (SD card unexpectedly removed) without me doing anything, then it mounts itself back, the media scanner starts running then I get the error Damaged SD Card. I take out the SD card and put it back, the media scanner runs again and no Damaged SD card error. This happens very often (and curiously, when I don't use content from the SD card, it happens even if the screen is locked, it happens overnight and I wake up with no applications, but it doesn't happen when I listen to music. I can listen to music for hours straight and it doesn't unmount itself, but when I read documents from the SD card using ThinkFree Office it sometimes unmounts itself) and I'm getting really annoyed by it. I already formated my SD card thrice (once I did it formatting the phone too) and the problem still persists.
    I don't know what else to do. Please help me. I've also googled for this problem, but I couldn't find exactly the same problem, but I see Android has a lot of problems with the SD cards.
    I'm looking forward to your opinions and answers.

    By the way, the phone's not rooted and I don't want to root it.

    Now onto the questions:

    1. While listening to music, sometimes I do random actions (or press buttons) with my finger on the screen and a search tab pops up with a keyboard. I don't know what actions or touches cause it, can someone tell me? I know there's already google search with the ability to search internal music, but I don't like using that feature since it slows down the search results.
    2. One of my friends got a Galaxy Ace S5830 in December 2011 and it runs 2.3.5 (there are no updates available for her phone). I've only noticed slight differences between the two phones: the S5830 can record at 480, while the S5830i is stuck at 320; the screen lock is different, if there's not pattern or whatsoever set to unlock you must swype the S5830i but slide a button for S5830. I've also noted the theme is quite different, but nothing major. I know the S5830i has a faster processor. Are there any other differences?

  2. socrates0

    socrates0 Well-Known Member

    I would recommend that you format the new card in the phone & then copy files onto it. As you have already done that it could be that your card is actually damaged. Also I hope its a genuine card as there are a lot of spurious card sellers worldwide. Infact there is a thread on that specifically in this forum as I had posted there.
  3. davemaneng

    davemaneng New Member

    This has also happened to me I put a 8GB card in to store MP3's and it to says sd card damaged and to re-format, so I will try re- formating in the phone and see what happens.
  4. davemaneng

    davemaneng New Member

    I forgot I also have the same phone, bought mine 3 weeks ago.
  5. SashiX

    SashiX Well-Known Member

    For those who has probs with "damaged" SD card, try this prog: H2testw, Download bei heise

    Connect your SD to PC and Run the prog:
    (NOTE: I'd recommend to format your SD before using this program, backup all your data!)
    1) language - switch to "English" (if you want)
    2) "Select Target" - select your SD here
    3) "Data volume" - all available space (selected by default)
    4) click on "Write + verify"
    5) wait. Once it's complete, delete temp file that was created on your card.

    Test passed:

    If you see this, something is wrong with your card:
  6. naveedahmed

    naveedahmed New Member

    remove the lock
    use simple lock not pattern and every thing will be fine
  7. andgoogle

    andgoogle Member

    What do you mean?

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