SD card damaged, hardware keys not working

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  1. angiembfl

    angiembfl Well-Known Member

    Yesterday my DX said my SD card was damaged (just out of the blue, nothing new downloaded or anything). After searching I followed instructions to copy all files to my computer, reformat SD card, and copy files back to it. That fixed the SD card problem. But, in the midst of the damaged card problem my hardware keys (menu, back, search, except for home) stopped working and my ringer turns itself down and on vibrate on it's own. Any ideas what the problem may be? Do I need to SBF?

  2. GandalfTehGray

    GandalfTehGray Well-Known Member

    Couldn't hurt anything. But i'm not sure how you would get to bootloader mode if the home key isn't working. I may be wrong though, I haven't played with the Dx in a while.
  3. angiembfl

    angiembfl Well-Known Member

    So, I tried to SBF. At the end of the SBF process the RSD Lite program said "please boot manually". Now, after SBFing I'm still getting stuck at the Motorola logo. Last time this happened an SBF fixed it but this time it's not. Any other suggestions? Is it time to get a new phone?
  4. GandalfTehGray

    GandalfTehGray Well-Known Member

    Um factory reset?
  5. KyriosJon

    KyriosJon New Member

    I had a similar problem with my phone, which prompted me to upgrade to a Galaxy S3. Alas I dropped my GS3, and while I'm saving up the megabucks to get it fixed I have gone back to my X.

    Of course the phone is practically useless with the hard keys not working and the volume randomly changing, so I was delighted when I stumbled across this fix:

    1. Open your phone dialer.
    2. Enter ##program (##7764726)
    3. Enter 000000 and push Verify
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select "Service Reset".
    5. Wait for the phone to fix what ails it.

    That's it! After the service reset the hard keys worked fine.

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