sd card died on rooted froyo phone - lost market & other apps

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    [​IMG] Posted Today, 08:16 PM
    My Kingston 16G class 10 sd card actually physically cracked and is therefore defunct but Kingston will be replacing it within the week - I foolishly do not have it backed up on my PC.

    I had rooted my Incredible with Unrevoked 3 and had been experimenting with a couple of Froyo ROMs using ROM Manager: Cyanogen6RG3 and Skyrider 2.5. I had just updated my Clockwork Mod Recovery (and to truly screw things up [​IMG]) I had made full use of Apps2sd.
    Now, when I put my old SanDisk 2G sd back in, (all I had was 1 old nandroid backup on it) I am back to:
    Firmware 2.1
    Kernel 2.6.29.....
    PRI 1.28
    Clockwork Recovery

    While I still have some apps and my phone and wifi seem to be working fine -
    I don't have Market, Rom Manager, Titanium (but I DO have SuperUser). When I USB my phone to PC - the PC doesn't see either the phone pr the card although I haven't reinstalled HTC Sync). At this point, I don't really even know if I'm rooted or have busybox.

    I'm really puzzled as to what I should do next:
    I don't know whether to do a phone restore from Settings or, perhaps from Recovery? Or whether to find a RUU (Is there one with the updated radio or with Froyo? Or, I guess I could wait for the OTA - but that's a wimped out way out and it might not even work at this point.

    Or, do I want to try reinstalling Rom Manager and do the permission fix - then reflash one of the Froyo Roms. But would that get me Market back? In all cases I'm gonna have to reinstall most of my apps since most resided (at least partially) on the dead sd. Fortunately appbrain has a record of all my apps. - but, from what I understand, there's no way to install the Market, except via HTC/Google/Verizon.

    So, I probably won't have my new 16G card for almost a week and I'm very open to suggestions as to my best plan of attack.

    I guess I should also think about repartitioning the new sd - according to the recent lag fixes.

    Please know that, for the time being, I'm pretty much command line challenged - so (perhaps foolishly) - I am doing all of this on the phone itself.

    I recently downloaded SDK to my PC and I was just getting ready to try to get the hang of adb, emulator etc - but I'm hoping I can get my phone back to where it was before I get into that project.

    Thanx in advance for any help you can provide -including all the better ways of going about this than I have come up with [​IMG]

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    You might get better help if you post in the Root subforum
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    Should I just copy this there or- remove it from this forum too?
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    I'll move it for you to save you the trouble.
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    I got the usb bootloader to install so I reran unrevoked 3 then put cyanogen 5RC3 & Gapps on and all seems well now :) Thanx! :)

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