SD card failure

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  1. donnie

    donnie Well-Known Member

    Hey !

    Hope you're all having great holidays !

    Amidst all celebrations, I encountered a problem with my Galaxy Tab (gen 1). No matter what I do, it won't recognize the micro SD card. I've formatted the card and hard reset the tab, and I've even bought a brand new SD card. All it says in SD & Phone Storage is "Total space: Not available" (or similar, since mine isn't in english). And when I try to download something onto it, it says "not enough space".

    Any suggestions ?

  2. Mikaylalala8

    Mikaylalala8 New Member

    Hi I have been having the same issue with my tablet, and I noticed that you posted this a while back so I was just wondering if you got it fixed yet. I have been trying for days to get my sd card working. Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!!!

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