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  1. pankaj165

    pankaj165 New Member

    Hi! last month I bought the Galaxy Note N7000 and have upgraded to ICS 4. This is my first android phone and I am looking for a SD card for the same. For this model which card is compatible 16GB or 32GB ?
    Please advise.

  2. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums!:)
    We are glad you have joined us here.
    Your phone is capable of using either the 16GB SD card or the 32GB SD card, so it really just depends on how much memory you need, but they are both compatable.

    I moved this thread into the Samsung Galaxy Note forum where you can discuss your Note with others who have the same phone.
  3. ridgmont61

    ridgmont61 Member

    32gb cards are fine but stick to Class 4. As a cautionary note I would also stick to a reputable brand from a reputable supplier - as these cards a very easy to fake.

    I tried a couple of class 10 cards and experienced a lot of problems.
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  4. TimeTraveler

    TimeTraveler Active Member

    Could you explain the problems you are experencing with the class 10 cards please.
    I have a 64GB class 10 SanDisk mobile ultra in my Note and it's working flawlessly.

  5. Shahinjet3

    Shahinjet3 Member

    In theory there is no problem using Class 10 (up to 32GB) in the Note. If anyone has any issue then there is a fault with either/both their card or phone.

    64GB and above are a different story (sort of a myth) as most ppl know..
  6. ridgmont61

    ridgmont61 Member

    After using App2SD the icons for the Apps would disappear and the Apps would not run. This was with Lexar brand and Sandisk Class 10 card bought from

    I have now switched to Class 4 and have had no problems at all.
  7. sanspoof

    sanspoof New Member

    I'm also not sure which memory card to buy for my Galaxy Note. To make things more confusing I found an answer on the official Samsung website that made reference to a "class 8" memory card which I didn't think even existed:

    "This model supports up to 32GB therefore we would recommend a class 8 card. As the class 10 card has only be released there may be some compatability issues."

    This answer would seem to support the idea that some users might experience issues using a class 10 card in a Galaxy Note.

    That still leaves me unsure as to whether I should go for a 32gb class 6 (or class 4 as a user above suggested) or risk the class 10. Any ideas?
  8. mumsawitch

    mumsawitch Member

    What does a 'class 10' and 'class 8' card mean?
  9. Oglomott

    Oglomott Member

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  10. sanspoof

    sanspoof New Member

    From what I understand classes relate to the speed at which data is written to and read from the memory card.

    10 is the fastest (and so the best choice) but as 10 was released after the Note there can apparently be compatibility issues.
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