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  1. novemberwhiskey

    novemberwhiskey Well-Known Member

    So I deleted all my videos thinking it would clean up my SD card (which is full) but apparently it didn't do anything. Are the pictures/videos stored on the internal memory?

    I can't imagine what is taking up more space than my videos. Any ideas on what I should clean up?

  2. Blitz28179

    Blitz28179 Active Member

    Yeah im having the same issue.I cant understand how my SD card is already full.I did take it out of my old blackberry and put it in the droid X.Looks like it created alot of unwanted folders when i did that :(

    Anybody have any ideas what i can do?Yeah im a noob lol
  3. apavolka

    apavolka Well-Known Member

    Put it in a computer and delete the files then. Any folder with a period before the folder name (.example) is hidden under android (or should be anyway).

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