SD card goes bad every time I put files on it?Support

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  1. Bulldogg629

    Bulldogg629 New Member

    I recently upgraded my computers OS from xp32 to win7 64. I wanted to reorganize my music on my phone so I plugged it in as a disc drive and deleted the music folder. The phone then stopped recognizing the sd card, reporting the total space and available space as "unavailable" and offering the option to mount the card, though mounting it does nothing. I thought maybe I had messed something up so I reformated the card. It even took a few reformats before it worked properly again but it did eventually start working as it should. Then as soon as I opened the phone as a disc drive to put my gps maps back on it it did the same thing all over again. Anyone know whats happening? Is win 7 screwing something up when I open the phone in windows explorer? I never had this problem before with xp. Something else? Thanks

    PS. I have since tried removing the 32gb microsd card and using a 2gb one with the same results.

  2. ctc

    ctc Well-Known Member

    When you formatted it did you use FAT32?
  3. Bulldogg629

    Bulldogg629 New Member

    Yes, I did

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