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  1. Lineman69

    Lineman69 Well-Known Member

    i have my sd card in my motorola xt701 it worked fine. now it is saying there is no sd card in the unit.

    i have reinserted it and it just keeps saying to sd card.

  2. TheSultan

    TheSultan Well-Known Member

    Few potential problems:

    1. you have unplugged it or something without unmounting it properly. FIX: Reformat the card

    2. Some error has occured on the card. FIX: Reformat the card

    3. the card went batty. FIX: throw it out and buy a new one.
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  3. Lineman69

    Lineman69 Well-Known Member

    ok i fixed that it was the unmounting problem card is found. now the wireless network and the 3g wont work since i fixed the card. take the card out reboot and the wireless works. put the card in it sees the card but then turns the network off again
  4. Lineman69

    Lineman69 Well-Known Member

    ok i unmounted then without card booted up then once booted and the network work placed the card in ....tada. is that how you always have to do it??
  5. Monima

    Monima Member

  6. Monima

    Monima Member

    Maybe i should change this thread's title to skyfire non compatible websites because so far aside from hulu based websites, I have been able to go on any website that have flash video. This browser is awesome.
  7. Boazdexter

    Boazdexter New Member


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