SD card help, Not recognized by phone. PC says it is write-protected

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    My micro SD card(which worked fine for two years on my LG Optimus S) has stopped being recognized by my Galaxy S3 after about 3 months of use with no problems. It occurred very randomly, I don't believe I was even using the phone when it happened. I just wanted to check my pictures on my SD card one day and they were all gone... I am unable to mount the SD card, as it tells me to insert one.

    After hooking up the card to the computer, I tried to click on it and it tells me it's inaccessible because it is write protected! I've ensured that the little lock thing is unlocked and all that. I don't believe I have a recent backup of this card... Am I SOL?

  2. mikedt

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    It could very well be worn out. Flash memory devices like SD-cards have a finite number of times they can be written to and then they'll start to fail. Try replacing it. Make sure you try to get a good quality one, like Sandisk or Kingston possibly, but beware there are many fakes.
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