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  1. So I JUST got my X, and it came with a 16gb sd card. However, when it's in, the phone says it's not there and tells me to insert one when i go to use media manager. Any suggestions??

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    If it were me I'd first try removing the micro SD card, inserting it into a SD card adapter and then plugging it into my desktop computer. If the card could be read then I'd remove the SD adapter from the computer, remove the micro SD card from the adapter, and install the card back into the phone.

    If the phone still cannot see the micro SD card, and I've verified that it's installed correctly, I'd call Verizon Tech Support. Even if the card wasn't formatted the phone should still see the card. If the phone can't see the card then it's likely that the card reader on the phone is having an issue.
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  3. Thank you! I will definitely try that. I hope it's not something wrong with the phone.

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