SD card in read-only format

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  1. alcarrot

    alcarrot New Member

    I'm currently using an LG P970 phone with an android ver 4.0.4.
    The issue is that out of nowhere, my SD card (SanDisk 8GB) just went into a read-only format. I can't use my camera, apps stored on my SD are now pretty useless, and I can't edit/store/delete files from the SD (via phone or PC).

    I think this isn't an isolated case and some people have experienced this with their devices but have found solutions. The problem is I have tried unmounting/mounting the card, error-checking on PC, and even resetting the phone back to factory settings, but nothing seems to work in my case(even the files are still intact, as if they're immortal:saint:).

    I'm not a "techie" person so hopefully there's a simple solution to this.

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Hi alcarrot welcome to AF. :)

    How long have you had the SD? It could have worn out, this does happen. Can you re-format it on your PC? Backup the contents first before you try. If it can't be formatted, replace it. Removable storage media does have a finite life, can only be written to a certain number of times. It might have gone read only to protect the contents.
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  3. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    I think it may be time for a new SD Card. Try the suggestion above and let us know how it turns out.
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  4. alcarrot

    alcarrot New Member

    I've only been using the SD card for around 6months though.
    But I'll try testing my phone with a different SD card and see if it still reacts the same way.
    Thanks for the help!
  5. Ssith

    Ssith Well-Known Member

    when mirco sd cards go into read-only mode and you didn't put them that way via software means, it's a sign that they're dying. it's a built-in feature to save your data on a failing card. back up the data, swap cards, move on. these things happen.
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