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SD card is not being recognized by S4Support

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  1. Chawlie

    Chawlie New Member

    Well i've got a 8gb micro sd card and it has suddenly stopped being recognized by my s4 and when i hop into setting it shows that it's greyed out and says that there's no card mounted.I tried to plug it into my pc using a card reader but it didn't show anything, i guess it's corrupt and i have no problem with buying a new one but i need the stuff that are inside before i throw it away, is there any possible way to get the media inside?

  2. manderle

    manderle Well-Known Member

    Try a program like Recuva using the card reader
  3. Chawlie

    Chawlie New Member

    It didn't work unfortunately because i can't see the partition itself on my pc nor via card reader, and i haven't lost any media yet to recover, they're all on the SDcard i just need to gain access to it
  4. Chawlie

    Chawlie New Member

  5. askhek

    askhek Member

    This is a known problem with the s4 (the only problem I have seen) anyway a file has become corrupted. The only phone that comes with a sd card debugger is a blackberry. Either find a friend with one, put your card in and run the decorrupt program or take it to att.

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