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  1. Justifyd

    Justifyd New Member

    hi ok so here is my problem. i dropped my phone in the water on a job site. i was able to dry it out then i restarted it and it seemed to be OK but then i get a message saying (SD card removed), sure enough i had forgotten to re-insert it, so i did so, and tried to restart it and it froze at the LG black screen.
    And this is where i stand i can use the phone without the SD card in. I'm hoping to get some ideas as to whats happening and what i may be able to do to fix it.


  2. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    did you get this resolved?
  3. Spec2nirvash

    Spec2nirvash VIP Member VIP Member

    Water damage... Probably no fix for that unless you maybe try a different MsD card? Water is a killer, homie! Any time you drop a phone in water should be remedied by sitting in a bowl of rice for a couple of weeks, at least. You may want to get a new phone, since an Optimus and all 128MB of it's storage is useless without an sD card :(

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