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SD card issues, did quite a search and didn't find a solutionSupport

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  1. Vegasb0mb

    Vegasb0mb New Member

    Hi there, earlier today I was downloading the update for sims freeplay, when I got an error telling me I had insufficient space on my sd card. I thought this was odd because I had recently moved it to my phone's storage because it has way more space. So I looked, and my sd card which had barely anything on it now shows 102mbs left out of 1.84gbs. And that's AFTER I moved all my apps to internal storage and uninstalled/deleted a bunch of stuff.

    So now my sd card should have virtually nothing on there. I used some sort of reader app to view what's on it and nothing seemed out of place. I have the factory card it came with. And I don't know if it matters as honestly I'm not very good with these things, but while I was downloading the rather huge update, I lost wifi several times and the game eventually force closed on me. My card was fine prior to using app2sd and downloading the update.

    Any suggestions as to an app I could fix this with? I don't have access to a pc. Also, I have lookout and it regularly backs up my stuff, so in the event I have to format, that should be fine, right? Any help would be appreciated, sorry if this post is a little lengthy.

  2. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Why are you moving it to your sd card and why are you using app2sd? You have 3 gigs of internal. Have you used all of that up?

    Since you don't have access to a pc right now, I would upload everything you want to keep to a DropBox account and reformat your sd card.

    I run a lot of apps and still have 2 gigs of internal free.
  3. Vegasb0mb

    Vegasb0mb New Member

    Actually I was moving apps to my card to make room for this game on my internal. But I guess when it updated it tried to download to the sd card and messed it up somehow. So I moved everything back to my internal storage and it still shows my card full.
  4. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Wipe your card and reformat it.

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