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SD Card Issues/Not Mounting or RecognizingSupport

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  1. Neven123

    Neven123 Member

    I've read through many android forums and cannot seem to find the solution to this odd problem I came across today. I was in my photography class, taking pictures and making sure that they save to my SD card (32 gigs). I managed to take a few and when I had my camera app back up I noticed a black screen on the bottom left for my photo gallery letting me know that my pictures were not there due to my SD card suddenly not being read. I navigate quickly over to Settings>Storage>SD card and I notice that it says Mount SD Card - Insert SD card and it is greyed out and I cannot click on it. I immediately shut off my phone and removed the SD card and put it back in and rebooted the phone. I didn't see anything saying preparing SD card upon reboot, so I went back into Settings>Storage>SD Card to see if it had mounted. No it still said 'Mount SD Card - Insert SD Card.' At home now, I try to plug my usb cable into the computer and see if I can access my SD card to recover my files using usb mass storage. All I can see is my phones internal storage and not the external sd card. Now this sucks because just a month or two ago I had my 16gb SD card fry on me also and it had an error saying 'Blank SD card - Unrecognized file system.' I still have this 16gb card and I inserted it into my phone and it recognized it. (even though it is fried and blank) It still gives me to option to read it and mount it, but i couldn't because it was fried. So again, I insert my current 32gb san disk sd card and again, nothing is being recognized, I'm not even getting any errors regarding my SD card that would tell me to format or anything. It just doesn't read/mount and doesn't say anything regarding that. It just won't mount/read what should I do. This really sucks too because I have to have these pictures in by Friday, and I can't even get to them on my SD card because it won't mount, and without these pictures, I am going to fail my Photography exam. That would suck to fail my class due to my sd card randomly doing this. So, please if anybody has any information on what I should try and do please your assistance would be much appreciated.

  2. Mittens

    Mittens Member

    Try putting the card into an adapter and then into a card reader. You may be able to recover the photos using a recovery program. Do not try to do this via the phone and USB. I also recommend using Dropbox and backing up your photos to your pc frequently.
    Good luck, I hope you are able to recover your photos.
  3. TadeoNYC

    TadeoNYC Well-Known Member

    Dude. If you're reading through the forum and there is a thread about this specific problem, then post in that thread instead of a new one. I have been posting all week about this problem in another very active thread.

  4. Neven123

    Neven123 Member

    Unfortunately, I won't have access to a Micro SD Card reader til later this week/weekend and from what I've seen I have to backup all my files (if it isn't completely fried and can be read through a sd card reader) and then format it to fat32. Although can anyone confirm if this would work?
  5. WAWood8

    WAWood8 Well-Known Member

    It's probably already formatted to fat32 -- so that is not really going to fix anything.

    Good Luck in recovering the files. I had two SD cards and both of them got corrupted, and I was able recover practically nothing of value.
  6. Neven123

    Neven123 Member

    Yeah ive gone thru two of them as well. I probably won't get another or use one anytime soon. I lost everything as well.
  7. leannel

    leannel New Member

    Same thing has been happening to me intermittently this last week. just waiting for it to go completely.....

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