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  1. k3vobrooks

    k3vobrooks New Member

    Have had SD card give error message two times now. Reformatted both times this message came up (lost all pics both times). restarted phone after supposedly reformatting the card. Now my SD card is not recognized at all. I checked to make sure the card was in right, popped it out and back in to see if it would be detected and nothing. suggestions on how to get my SD back to functioning, and suggestions to get it to stop displaying the error message that the card is empty or file types were unrecognized?

  2. mrjwen

    mrjwen Member

    Have you tried inserting another SD card in to see if it resolves the problem? (See if it's a problem with the SD card or with the phone.) I've had SD cards die on me in the past and there wasn't much I could do to "repair" it if a standard format didn't work.
  3. geochemical

    geochemical Member

    Try Settings/SD card & phone storage/Unmount SD card, then Remount SD card.
  4. lane32x

    lane32x Member

    My fascinate (which has similar specs to the charge) did this to me twice. Before I reformatted, I shutdown the phone, pulled battery, pressed-and-held the power button to discharge any and all capacitors inside, then put the battery back and started it back up. This worked great for me both times.

    It might be a little late for that, at which point I would recommend downloading the Panasonic SD Formatter utility which is free online (google it, it's on their website). the SD format utility properly aligns SD cards for compatibility and speed. and it's FREE so it's worth a shot. and you'll definitely have to use some sort of SD card reader for this.

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