SD Card Missing core files and 6 Gigs of space

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  1. Wyattspoppa

    Wyattspoppa Member

    Hey Guys,
    My unrooted Moto Droid X2's SD card shows 1.07 GB in use and 758 MB available on an 8GB card? Where

  2. NGD1

    NGD1 Well-Known Member

    remove the sd card from the handset and format it using windows format tool
    see if the computer can see all the space, then place it within your device and see if it works, if it fails to work attempt to use the PHONES format tool.
    if that even fails message me and i will assist you in trouble shooting.
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  3. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Is it brand new or did have you used it before and had all 8GB available? I'm guessing you bought it on ebay, and you got ripped off paying for an 8GB card but they sent you a 2GB one.
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  4. pastafarian

    pastafarian P√Ętes avec votre foie Moderator

    It sounds like the cards file structure got corrupted. I've had this happen once or twice. Here's what worked for me. Using a Pc, insert the card, open a command window and type or copy and paste the following-

    chkdsk /X /F <SD card drive letter>

    Don't forget to enter the sd cards drive letter with a colon (no parentheses or arrows)

    i.e if my sd card was drive E

    chkdsk /X /F E:

    This should restore the card, but won't necessarily restore lost data. If this doesn't work, the card might be damaged. Good luck!!!
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  5. Wyattspoppa

    Wyattspoppa Member

    You're awesome, thanks, I'll get right on it and hit you back if it doesn't fly.
  6. Wyattspoppa

    Wyattspoppa Member

    Sounds like a good way to rebuild the card, I'll give it a roll if a straight format doesn't do the trick. Thanks so much for such a fast reply, and at 5 AM!
  7. Wyattspoppa

    Wyattspoppa Member

    By the way, as I recall, the last time I formatted an SD card, it asked me if I wanted to do a "quick format" or the long way (which was pretty darn slow as I think about it) Must I use the slow way? Oh, there won't be lost data, I back up all my pics, vids and apps to an external HD, my lappie and my main PC. I don't mess with losing pics of my little boy, can't replace those, or all the apps I've compiled, it would take weeks! You're very kind.
  8. Wyattspoppa

    Wyattspoppa Member

    No my friend, it worked properly when I first installed it, I was moving apps and pics around while hooked to my PC and my PC locked up on me, so I probably "removed" the SD card without being able to "safely eject" and gaarbled the filing system, but thanks. I'm actually an Ebay dealer (Disney collectibles, rare Mickey watches, trains and Monorails) so I know what to buy, and what not to buy on the Bay. Trick on media is you never buy from an international dealer (Japan etc) you only buy from a US dealer, returns are guaranteed, and don't assume it's coming from the US, you have to ask as intl dealers can put their items in the domestic section, make their page look "American" or you'll get an American dealer who drop-ships crap from Japan/Hong Kong.

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