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sd card not recognized/workingSupport

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  1. plups

    plups New Member

    basically, i just got an htc one v, it has 1gb of internal storage, which i somehow cant access while using the phone, but can from the computer when connected via usb, it also has a 1gb micro sd in it, which i took from my old phone, and it isnt recognising files i put onto that from the computer, even though theyre in the same format as a limited number of files i managed to access from the phone storage area of it. can anyone help? i want to put music onto the memory card and play from that, but it isnt recognised.

  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    Plups, welcome to Android Forums :hello:

    The 1gb of space is for apps. There is a tiny 98mb partition available for user media, but that's obviously not very useful, hence the need for an SD card.

    About the SD card, try formatting it with the phone under Settings > Storage.
  3. KiwiBob

    KiwiBob Member

    I had that problem with my wife's phone. I took it to the store, and they did a reset to factory, and the SD card appeared. Luckily the phone was only 1 day old, so I hadn't configured it much.
    I bought another for my boss, same thing happened when I put in a SD card, so I did the factory reset, and it worked fine after that.
    Bit of a pain, but if you don't change SD cards it is not a major problem.
  4. fredbuff

    fredbuff New Member

    my phone does not recognise my sd card. how can i reformat it so i dont lose all my pictures and all the stuff in the internal storage?
  5. Second what Cafe Kampuchia said.Try formatting card from within the phone settings first. When doing a factory reset it may auto do this as well, but why bother doing that and than having to set the phone all up again when you can just format it from the phone,

    @ fredbuff > plug your phone into a computer using a usb cable and drag and drop everything you want to keep onto the computer than format the SD card, than copy all the files back over. Also u can use a micro sim to SD card adapter as well to do this.
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