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SD Card Not VisibleGeneral

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  1. backroad

    backroad Member

    Sorry is this is the most inane question but I've just come over from the dark (ifone) side and this is all a bit new.

    Connecting my S3 to the PC I see it listed as SCH-1535 Portable Media Player. Connecting to that drive I see lots of directories -- but not the MNT/SD Card directory that I see when using something like Astro. How do I reach those directories from the PC?

    Also, when I navigate up from mnt/sdcard to the root level I see both an mnt and and sdcard directory. Which is actually the sdcard?


  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    mnt/sdcard is the mountpoint of the /sdcard partition.

    If you're talking about the internal sdcard, this is it. This is probably what shows up on your PC under PTP. mnt/extSdCard is the micro SD card, if you have one.

    Not really sure I understand the question.
  3. backroad

    backroad Member

    Thanks, yes I understand that the mnt/sd is the card. But when viewing the directories in Windows it does not show up in the directory listing.

    My wife has an Incredible. That shows up as two drives: both the internal storage and the SD card. I guess I was expecting the same but for the S3 I can't see/find the sdcard (when connected via USB to the Windows machine).
  4. darkestred

    darkestred Well-Known Member

    It doesnt show up as sch i535 in explorer or even my computer? It's not going to show up as a drive like C:/ D:/ etc.
  5. lennydude

    lennydude Well-Known Member

    I am using the AT&T version. When i hook it up to my Windows 7 notebook, it lists itself as.............

    As it says, the phone is the "internal" memory and the card is the "SD Card".
  6. backroad

    backroad Member

    Yes, it shows up as SCH 1535 Portal Media Player in "My Computer." But when you open that "drive" it only shows one set of directories (not the expected two - Phone and SD Card -- and neither the MNT nor SDCard directory is among them.

    Seems weird to me.

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