SD card or internal storage?

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  1. curvefan

    curvefan Member

    Hey guys,

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I wanted to get your advice on where to put all the different apps that are on my phone.

    If I am able to, should I put as many as possible on the SD card or do some apps perform better using the phones internal storage?

    I have a 32 GB SD card and just figured that anything that I could put on this card would help free up the phones internal storage.

    Does it really matter which app is stored where?


  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Nearly all apps perform better on internal memory. Widgets (and apps that have widgets) need to be on internal memory to work properly. Any app you have a link on the homescreen that is on SD card will appear broken if you reboot.

    My personal rule of thumb is: If I have internal memory to put apps in, I use internal memory. The SD card is for storing files.
  3. curvefan

    curvefan Member


    Thanks for that quick reply. I sort of thought that using the phones internal storage was the way to go.

    I will take your advice and try and store only files on the SD card.

    Thanks again.
  4. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Well-Known Member

    Not that I'm doing it right, but I have 37 apps on my SD card...
  5. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    For compute-intensive apps, like video streaming & 3D graphics, you probably want to leave them in the phone's internal storage. For other apps, you can just move them to your SD card. I've never encountered a problem from moving an app to the SD card. If you were to have performance problem with an SD-card-based app, you could just move it back to internal storage.
  6. highoctane

    highoctane New Member

    hello guys,ahm how can i transfer my games to sd card from phone memory??
  7. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Look in manage applications, at the game, and if "Move to SD" is available you can click the button. Or you can get an app like apps2SD and it will find them for you.
  8. Adauth

    Adauth Well-Known Member

    I move most of my apps the the SD, except as mentioned apps that use widgets and run smoother on internal memory.

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