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  1. kjp24081972

    kjp24081972 New Member

    I have done the rooting of my Micromax A87. But I am unable to access the system folder. what to do. How to do the SD card partition.

  2. sooraj87

    sooraj87 Well-Known Member

    use "root explorer" app or use adb shell on pc to get into system folders on internal memory..
  3. kjp24081972

    kjp24081972 New Member

    Can you explain how to do that. Also provide how to enabling rights to Mount the system as RW
  4. rameshprathap

    rameshprathap Well-Known Member

  5. evilrulez

    evilrulez Member

    I found video how to partition mircomax 87

    youtube link

    Hope it will help you
  6. MaxV

    MaxV Member

    Just use the SDcard partition portion for creating linux swap from this link.
  7. jaimin100

    jaimin100 Well-Known Member

    use minitool
  8. Namo

    Namo Member

    What is the purpose for creating a partition?

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