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  1. nightowl66

    nightowl66 Well-Known Member

    I rooted and am running velocity 1.2 for a couple months. The past few weeks I will look at my phone and have a notification that my sd card is removed. I shut off the phone and remove the card and reinsert it and everything is OK for awhile. Also the phone will shut off on its own now and then. Any ideas?
    Also, how do I stay rooted and go back to stock rom? I had someone root and flash for me and don't know what I am doing when it comes to doing this.

  2. db2u

    db2u Well-Known Member

    Not sure how to help on your first question, might try to buy a second sd card to make sure yours isnt dying. They arent too expensive now.

    To answer your second question, someone posted a link to a full nandroid of a stock rooted rom in the all things root subforum not too long ago. Save this to your sd card, reboot into recovery, wipe data, cache, davlik, and android_secure, and then restore the nandroid from recovery.
  3. nightowl66

    nightowl66 Well-Known Member

  4. db2u

    db2u Well-Known Member

    I dont see two rooted roms, Youre looking at the first post right?

    top link is rooted stock

    middle link is stock non rooted

    last link is recovery only
  5. db2u

    db2u Well-Known Member

    I forgot a step, need to unzip the nandroid first. From the post you linked:
    You will need to download the file "stock-222-rooted.zip" and unzip it into your sdcard/nandroid/mem=223M directory.
  6. kandl

    kandl Member

    I would not be in a hurry to suspect Velocity as the cause of the problem. I was having your exact issue with my Ally running the stock un-rooted rom. at least 5 times a day my sd card would unmount and at least once a day it would totally reboot. Thats when I decided to root it and install velocity. Since then I have had NO sd card issues at all and its only rebooted on its own 1 or two times in 3 months which is a great improvement over what it was doing.

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