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    Jun 9, 2011
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    I recently figured out why my android wasn't detecting that it was plugged into the usb on my computer, the cables I had were shite.

    So I went in and started trying to put music on my SD card.

    For some reason, there are only 7MB of memory left on the sd card, which i have not put anything onto yet.

    The only application I have installed on my phone is Maps.

    How can I erase everything on my SD card so I can use the music player!?!!?

  2. cwill0303

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    Oct 27, 2010
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    Plug the phone in to the computer and mount it so you can open it and see whats on it. Then you can delete what you want to. Otherwise, if you dont want anything saved from the card, go to Settings, SD Card & phone storage, Unmount SD Card, then Format SD Card. That will wipe everything on the card.
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    Nov 4, 2009
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    Pictures, video's, email and sms/mms attachments, as well as data for many pre installed programs reside on the sd card. So you can easily fill the card without installing a thing. Also, if you were having issues with cables it's possible that the card has a few lost clusters from being unmounted improperly. My wifes Epic4g constantly had this issue and ~4GB "disappeared". She complained she couldn't copy any music and when I mounted the phone, windows asked if I wanted to scan the drive. Scan and repair fixed that issue. It's been my experience that Samsung devices are more sensitive about cables and usb ports than HTC or LG. My Evo and my moms Optimus will sync fine on cables that wouldn't work with my old Moment, the Epic, or Intercept.

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